Security and Safety in the Digital Society): Research on this topic requires synergies (WP3)
 /  Security and Safety in the Digital Society): Research on this topic requires synergies (WP3)

The aim of this work package is to develop the project’s third, transversal cross-disciplinary theme focusing on security and safety in the digital society.


Forensics in intelligence collection and analysis
Since a large part of digital life in society consists of the production and usage of multi-media content, societal security and crime prevention also needs to take into account media-content analysis. Law enforcement and Intelligence stakeholders have also increased emphasis on the importance of research into developing tools which are in accordance with their operational needs for image analysis and identification in crowded spaces.


Social and legal challenges associated to law enforcement and intelligence activities
In the context of the Snowden revelations, the role of intelligence organizations inside democratic societies have been put under greater scrutiny, with public and private actors both inside Europe and beyond raising concerns over the performance of LEAs and SIS and the adequacy of the legal framework within which they act. This task aims to address some of these challenges by examining citizens’ perceptions of security institutions, the role of OSINT in law enforcement and intelligence work as well as the impact of the new technologies and tools (including cryptography) on security behaviour and activities.


Whether in fields as diverse as health-care and security, it would appear that we are moving to a future dominated by inter-connected but distinct eco-systems, each one with its own privacy-by-design safeguards even at database cell level. As eco-systems grow in number and in size greater attention will be required for their inter-operability, resilience and the technical, legal and operational safeguards that will need to be introduced.